Case Study: Relocating to Pembrokeshire for a Job in Social Work

This is what one of Pembrokeshire County Council‘s Social Workers had to say about relocating to Pembrokeshire for jobs in Social Work.

I read on the internet about Pembrokeshire’s social care policies, and together with the attraction of the geographical area and lifestyle, I decided to take the plunge and move here. It was a massive gamble but it worked.

Pembrokeshire is so gorgeous, it’s an incredibly safe area and everyone is so friendly. There’s a slower pace of life and a real community spirit throughout Pembrokeshire and it makes you feel part of somewhere. It’s been a complete lifestyle change for me, but I would thoroughly recommend anyone moving here. It’s a fantastic place to live and work.

The Youth Offending and Prevention Service was marked best in the UK in the safeguarding criterion in a National Audit Office report on the youth justice system, which has been very good for morale. It was also marked second in both the risk of reoffending and quality of assessment and planning overall categories.

There is very good multi-agency working, and you can see the results of how different agencies work well together.

– Kathryn


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