Raising Awareness: Social Care Week (Wales) – 17 to 22 June

Social Care Week is unique to Wales; its main aims for the social care profession are to:

  • Raise its profile.
  • Recognise the excellent work it does.
  • Encourage more people to choose it as their career.

It is a fantastic opportunity to make sure that the 70,000 people in community care jobs get public acknowledgement for delivering an important service in Wales. This is a service which will be used by all families at some time or another.

Across Wales Social Care Week is being marked in different ways. Some care organisations will be acknowledging the achievements of their staff with award ceremonies. Other organisations will hold social events involving the people receiving care, their families, friends and the staff. If you want to get involved contact your local council for event times.

The main reason for our blog today is to help raise the awareness of the great work that the people in Social Care jobs in Wales do for the community and encourage others to consider a career in care.

Raising awareness is paramount; there are many people who choose a career in social work and care in Wales, but the number of people who need care is increasing rapidly. Now is a great time to be starting your Social Care Career.

The Welsh Government has recognised the hard work that is going on and social care workers have been given an £8m boost towards training in a field where the Government is committed to raising the standards of practice.

Ultimately social carers and workers are a big part of some people’s lives. To many of these people Social Workers “Make a difference” too their lives. If you find it rewarding when you see someone you’ve helped succeed in life this may be your calling.


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